What’s the true market value of your Raleigh home?

Relying on an automated valuation tool isn’t the most accurate answer, but it’s a place to start!  To get a fast, FREE, automated market value range for low, medium, and high estimates from TWO sources, enter your address below.

The value of your home depends on a number of different factors: location, size, condition, age, layout, upgrades, the neighborhood, surrounding areas, and even the broader local market.

To get to true value – what you can actually sell your home for – you need to have the pulse of your market. What did homes in your area actually sell for in the last 90 days? What features does your local demographic demand? How does the age of your home impact value in your market? These are just a couple of many local insights you need to price your home.

The most accurate valuation can only be determined by someone who knows your market, physically visits your house to understand all the factors, then does all the research and analysis to determine true market value.

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